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Our Pet Grooming Salon & Spa features 3 bathing areas with separate drying and styling rooms.  We offer caring and certified staff, working with professional equipment, to assure your satisfaction and your pet's safety and comfort.  Our stylists have experience with all breeds of cats and dogs, and will consult with you to provide the look you want.  Salon rates are dependent on breed, coat condition and special requests.
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Bathing Services:  Everyone loves a fresh, clean pet!  Every bathing treatment includes comb-out of coat, bathing and drying. We offer room-temperature, in-cage drying with surround air flow in order to make your pet as comfortable as possible.  Our unique system also promotes less shedding than an ordinary bath.  Every bath includes ear cleaning and nail trim. Our FURminator Shed-Less Treatment can be added for an additional charge.


Full Service Grooming & Special Styling: Includes our above Bath Treatment plus hand scissoring per breed-specific standards and/or to owner's specifications, including the trimming of pasterns, hocks, tail, hair in-between the toes, and furnishings. Ask our staff for suggested styles and treatments or products to make your pet look and feel their best.  Our professional grooming staff will help your pet look and feel their best by cutting, clipping, brushing and even polishing nails if requested. Your pet can be polished and pampered to look his or her best! 

We offer the finishing touches: Bows, Bandanas, and Braids. Inquire with our pet care professionals for suggested treatments or products for your pet. 

FURminator Shed-Less Treatments: We are proud to provide the patented Shed-Less system featuring the “FURminator” for short to long-haired dogs who normally would not go to the groomer.  This revolutionary system decreases shedding by 75% for dogs such as Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Chow Chows, Huskies, Terriers and many other breeds.



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