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Our Story

Our Attendant Staff

The Palms Pet Resort & Spa’s story began when Dr. James Peterson found himself wanting a place where he could board his own pets. In spite of the fact that he provided boarding at his veterinary hospital, he wanted to provide a place where pets would feel more at home. In 2006 he opened the Palms Pet Resort & Spa.

Dr. Peterson wanted pets to have their own “rooms” like they do at home, so he built suites for dogs and condos for cats. At The Palms, dogs are hand walked a minimum of four times daily. This means that they get love and attention each time one of our certified pet care technicians comes into contact with your pet.

Our goal was and still is to provide a safe, clean and inviting environment for your pet that mimics the amenities of home.

Our Training Staff

“My goal for The Palms was to build a place for my own pets, as well as for my patients. I wanted a facility and team that I felt comfortable leaving my pets with, knowing they would have the best of care in an environment and routine that would be as close to what they have at home as possible.

“I am very proud of the model we have created, where every person working at The Palms is there because they love what they do and want to take care of the pets entrusted to them. At the same time, my team and I at Hill Country Animal Hospital provide the medical expertise, training, and oversight to elevate the care provided at The Palms. We are there for any medical emergencies, and I am always on call for questions or to assess the needs of the pets in our care.”

Dr. Peterson