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PlayCare FAQ

January 01 1970 12:00 am

RESERVATIONS – We have a limit of 43 dogs per day and reservations will secure a spot for your dog. Please reserve your dog’s spot with our reception team.  If you arrive without a reservation, and PlayCare is fully booked, we may be able to board your dog for the day.  


BIG DOG DAYS/LITTLE DOG DAYS – Big dog days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Small dog days are Tuesday and Thursday. The rule of thumb is 30 lbs. and under is a small dog. Depending on play style, some small dogs may do better on big dog day, and some bigger dogs do better on a small dog day.


HALF DAY – Half-day hours are between 7:00AM to noon. Half-day dogs not picked up by noon will be moved to a cabana so we don’t have to disturb dogs that are resting. If you are running late, please call and let us know.


DROP OFF/PICK UP – Drop off is between 7:00-10:00am. For newer dogs, it’s best to bring them as early as you can. It is easier for them to acclimate with the pack when there are fewer dogs present; new dogs may also be better off starting with half days. We close at 6:00pm.


OWNERS LEASHES – You are more than welcome to leave your leash after you drop off if you’d like. This is helpful if someone else is picking up. There are hooks along the banister in the PlayCare room. You may want to mark your leash, as many look similar.


DOGS FROM SAME FAMILY – Each situation is unique, and we may find dogs from the same family do better if coming on separate days. We will evaluate on a case-by-case basis and keep you posted.


PACK AND PLAY MANAGEMENT – We separate packs based on age, play style, and their energy level.  Hyper puppies, calm older dogs, and the rougher pups all are in separate packs. We constantly manage how they play and do not allow pinning, body slamming, etc.


TIME-OUTS – If your dog gets a time-out, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Brief time-outs are used to give the dog a break and calm down a bit. Our goal is to provide a safe and active environment for all.


WEBCAMS – Our new webcams are accessed through the “AVY mobile CVMS” app. The QR code is: n95c2022s37d. User: user. Password: user. There are two cameras – one inside, and one outside.


INSIDE/OUTSIDE TIME – We have the dogs outside as much as possible, however when it is too hot, too cold, or too rainy, we spend some time inside. In the playcare room, they still have access through doggie doors to potty yards, and we separate into packs just as we do in the yards.


DIRTY DOGS – Our goal is lots of play and exercise. That means they may not go home perfectly clean. We try to keep them from getting too dirty but if you would like to schedule a bath please see reception to schedule.


RED LEADS – Some dogs may wear a leash in playcare. It is intended to help us manage a dog safely and with as little stress on the dog as possible. Some like to play keep away from the staff and this helps us catch them when needed. In most cases, we will be able to eliminate the leash after regular visits.


LUNCH – Lunch for the dogs is at 11:00am. You are more than welcome to bring lunch for your dog in a Ziploc bag or small container. Please label your dog’s food container. We recommend all puppies to be provided a lunch. We have the ability to refrigerate food as well (just let us know!)


NAPTIME – Naptime is from 12:00-2:00pm. All dogs spend naptime in crates, x-pens, or in one of the boarding units. Normally, all dogs are able to spend naptime in the PlayCare room after they get used to the routine.


REPORT CARDS – You get one report card per week, per family.  In the report cards, we let you know how your dog interacted with others, who they played with, and other pertinent information about their day.


INJURIES – The nature of off-leash and group play means that minor nicks, cuts, scrapes, and even bites may occur. Our staff is trained to do all they can to prevent injuries but we can’t guarantee accidents won’t happen so in most cases, owners must be responsible for medical costs associated with Playcare. We will perform minor first aid, and in the event of a more serious problem, we will notify you and if required, get medical assistance. If you have any other questions, please contact us at 210-695-1166.

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